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The kennels comprise of 2 blocks, so that we are able to provide flexible accommodation depending on the needs of your dogs. Each kennel comprises of a large bedroom which is heated in winter with access to their own large outdoor covered run. This allows boarders to stay dry in wet weather and cool in the summer .We provide each guest with a bed lined with a fleece blanket, although they are welcome to bring their own beds and toys in.

We have 5 acres of fenced land in which the dogs are exercised in their individual family groups daily.  Dogs are fed according to your instructions, we provide a high quality dry food but you are welcome to bring in their normal food from home.We are happy to administer any medication at no extra cost.        

All dogs must have a full and up to date vaccination record to be shown on first visit, and although we do not insist on the kennel cough vaccination we do recommend it. 

Free Insurance Cover

All Dogs boarded with us are covered for vets fee's up to £2,500 

(T&C's Apply)

Collection & Delivery Service

We offer a Collection & Delivery service for all shapes & sizes of animals!

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